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Survey on the Use of QB Medicinal Deodorant Series (December 2008 – January 2009)

We carried out a questionnaire survey regarding users of QB Medicinal Deodorant Series who accessed the QB website via the internet between December 2008 and January 2009. The participants ranged from teenagers to those in their 60’s. We are very grateful for a wide range of correspondents.

How do you know about QB Deodorant series?
How do you know about QB Deodorant series?
Where did you purchase your QB Deodorant series?
Where did you purchase your QB Deodorant series?
Which QB Deodorant series product have you used?
Which QB Deodorant series product have you used?
Which months of the year do you use QB Deodorant series in?
Which months of the year do you use QB Deodorant series in?
How often do you use your QB Deodorant series?
How often do you use your QB Deodorant series?
Could you please explain why you chose your QB Deodorant series products?
The major reasons for choosing QB series are the "Long-Lasting Effect", the "Safe Ingredients" and the fact that these products are "Fragrance Free". Below we'll introduce some of the excerpts chosen from various responses.

・ QB Cream prevents the odor from sweat and sebum so I wasn't bothered by this sweaty odor anymore. Other people are not quite as bothered as I thought… The good points that I noticed after using QB is that it takes away that odor and it is not necessary to apply it everyday. Another point is that QB Cream itself does not contain any chemical fragrances. That's why I choose this cream.
・ The reason why I use this product is that it sterilizes the BO-causing bacteria and thus I can actually feel the high deodorizing effect. It reduces the sweat and the deodorizing effect lasts longer. Plus I also like the fact that it is very gentle on the skin and is made from natural extracts.
・ In summer, I'm always concerned about sweat and body odor. I found the trial size at the pharmacy before this summer and tried it - I liked it. I didn't feel any odor all day and in addition it is fragrance free!
・ At first I bought QB on TBS Radio shopping. After that, I bought it on the Internet. It removes the foot odor that is due to the lack of circulation inside the boots.
・ My job involves outdoor work, so it is easy to become sweaty, but this cream is good for preventing a stinky odor. My kids also play sports, so they all use it.
・ I found this product while I was looking for really effective deodorant. Since then it became my favorite. In comparison to other deodorants, its deodorant effect lasts longer and it has no fragrance.
Please tell us about the advantages and the disadvantages of the QB Deodorant series.
The general responses are below. The most common advantage we received was the "High deodorant effect" and the "Good feeling of the product" and the most common disadvantages we received were that it was "Not easy to use" as well as the "Price".

・ Effective
・ Non-Sticky
・ Long-Lasting
・ Fragrance Free

・ Finger became white after use.
・ The cream goes under the nail when it is applied.
・ It is hard to know what an adequate amount is.
・ Expensive
・ Previous version was more effective.
How did the QB Deodorant Series affect your lifestyle after using it?
Most respondents said that the biggest effect was that they were "Not bothered by odor anymore" and "Not worried, even after sweating". This probably shows that many people are bothered by their own body odor. The major responses are as follows below.

・ I used to hate myself for always worrying about foot odor. I like myself more now for being almost completely free from such an odor. I didn't want to take my shoes off so I refused to go for a drink at the Izakaya (Japanese-style pub). It is a very good feeling knowing that I can take off my shoes at anytime - I like myself more as I don't have to be bothered by a smelly odor.
・ It is very helpful for me that my armpit odor is almost completely gone. It is also very comforting for me knowing that I don't have to worry about when I take off my jacket during the summer time. I run a hotel business so body odor is a very important issue for me. I promote this cream at in-house training sessions and at outside lectures. I love to see people happy so that's why I promote it a lot. I enjoy introducing this cream to others!
・ I love jogging so I apply this deodorant before going outside – then I'm not bothered by a sweaty odor.
・ Without worrying about the smell of the sweat, I can raise my shoulders up at anytime. I can take my jacket off anytime. I can have a comfortable time even during summer.
・ The best thing is I don't have to be concerned about my own body odor. This has reduced my stress a lot.
・ Other deodorant products were not sufficient enough to solve my stinky foot odor – I couldn't even go to work. Now I don't have to worry about my odor since I've started using QB Cream.

~Thank you for your cooperation.~